de las cosas que escucho

nada nuevo, pero lindo haber descubierto un actor por esta entrevista.

10.30 am en algun lugar de buenos aires, recien leventado, calor, jardin, sol, habla Mike Amigorena con la radio.

sobre recursos: “la carencia potencia la creativad”

sobre la amistad: “sino no me venis a ver en micro, menos me vas a venir a ver en auto”

sobre como vivir: “dejando huella de libertad”

hoy.. solo por hoy.. “dejar huella de libertad”

a ver si lo puedo cumplir en este blog, no?? (gracias j)

flipping the coin

i cant decide.. so I decided to flip the coin.. like the old days..

Spanish king was to go.. and 1€ was so stay..

and i flipped

and the there he was..

the king!!!!

Go.. leave.. go back!

Why did i ever flipped the coin!?!?!

old writings…

And you.. that I can find you in time… I can’t find you in space,

I longed to love you generously.. and from a distance.. but I´m selfish..

And for you to share… but not my space, fades me away.

You´ve stolen a bit of me, and it feels its completes you, but not me..

It seems there is no room for “honesty”, not anymore..

My space is not yours, nor ours, not anymore.

Blow Up

images / light / framing / objects / see / through

The pictures below are raw, no re-touchs! Just a huge Jeff Koons art piece between my camera and the objects at the Metropolitan Museum (NY) terrace.

Art Piece: “Colouring Books” /

long december