My own private dictionary – Part I

“lo que dice el papel del caramelo que te daría”

mi almita no es un yo-yo.
no me empujes,
no te alejes,
no te acerques.
estate conmigo.


“lo que diría mi status”
bajo la influencia de tu silencio

“lo que mi mano le dice a la tuya”
I promise


“lo que mi pie le dice al tuyo”
please stay a bit longer


do you know?

im collecting steps

through the roads
from sunrises to sunsets
but what am i looking for
do you know?


lots of images and desires
confuse inside me
words in signs
pictures in my pockets
all at once
my brain in is mosaic
and i cant tell
mute and silence
the wind moves inside me
why cant i speak?
turn and turns
what am I looking for?
do you know?