word by word

There were so many things unsaid

and undone between us.


Why is there always that feeling

That I missed something

A move, a glance, a kiss, a chance.

Why do I keep sinking in this sad vacuum?

Why is it that there is this time of the year that

I become a tear, and feel ok about it.

Is there any chance I’ll walk away from it?

Why am I always waiting

for this ghost to appear?

What is he trying to say?

What am I trying to listen?

Silence/breath/whisper and silence

no claim




they fall apart

into the Dionysus’s magma again.

Silence/breath/whisper and silence

My soul becomes lonely again,

no word stands by me.

(wrote this ages ago.. not my favourite at all, specially one part i dislike… a lot! but hey! this is what its all about.. about dis-covering)